Jens Gottsleben


Background : Jens was born in Hamburg, Germany and after he graduale
as certificated Electrician in Hamburg, he done his civil public
He continued his career in the IT Business, first as Trainee and
Microsoft certificated Product Specialist, then Sales and Product

In the Years of Experiences, Jens get also Knowledge about to
be a CEO of German Cooling Distribution and later as member
of the Board from a German AG created by a Taiwanese Brand
Marketing Company.

Jens create in his carrier several Brands and Products. During
his work in the IT -Cooling Field he is getting an real Expert for
Aircooling and Watercooling.

Jens learned a lot of Company-, Product-, Sales and Marketing-
Management skills.

Current he provide his strengthen to customers of Bomb Consulting.



Address :

Scheelring 12, 22457 Hamburg, Germany

Telephone :

+49 (0)40 / 609-411-89

Fax :

+49 (0)40 / 609-411-89

E-mail :

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 CV of Jens Gottsleben : Download Here 

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